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Ski + Snowboard Services

Diamond Ski & Snowboard Tune  $49.95

All new skis and snowboards come with a great factory tune to get you started. But after several days on the hill, you may find that you need a little more grip or a little more glide from your skis or boards. That’s where we come in.

A full stone-grind tune up from us will regrind the structure back into the base of your skis/board and then finish it off with fresh wax and edge sharpening. Recommended before the start of each season.

Binding Release Check   

Having your bindings release/retention settings checked once a season is highly recommended, especially if a skiers statistics of changed. This could mean weight, height, age or skiing ability. Diamond Bike and Ski will re-check all DIN settings. The word DIN is used in reference to the release settings on your ski bindings. These settings are typically determined by your height, weight, boot sole length, age and skier type. When you purchase new skis and bindings, the DIN setting is adjusted by the shop technician.

Note: A Function Test requires both ski boots, and a prior marriage between the same ski and boot combination. If your boots have never been fit for your skis/bindings – it will require an “Adjustment & Function Test”. - $29.95

Other Services:

Hot Wax for Skis or Snowboards - $14.95

Edge Sharpening - $19.95

Mounting/Adjustment/Function Test - $29.95

Note: For equipment not purchased at Diamond Bike and Ski, the Mounting price is $59.95.

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